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Lack of Workers Threatens Meat Processor's Ability to Capitalize on Free Trade Opportunities

June 30 - The Canadian Meat Council warns without the ability to hire sufficient numbers of workers the opportunity Canada's meat processing plants has to capitalize on new trade agreements, could be lost.

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    Expansion of Canadian Beef Trade Access to Mexico Good for Business

    June 29 - Canada Beef celebrated the announcement today by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that effective October 1, 2016, Mexico will further amend its beef import requirements enabling the full range of Canadian beef products to be eligible for shipment to Mexico.

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    Ontario's Sheep Industry Benefits from Growing Forward 2 Funding

    June 28 - Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency (OSMA) works on advocacy, market development and capacity on behalf of its 3,000 sheep producer members who generate $440 million in annual economic activity every year. The Growing 2 Forward plays a role in that success.

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    Proposed Ban on Packer Livestock Ownership Threatens Producer Ownership of Packing Plants

    June 28 - The National Pork Producers Council fears, if allowed to move forward, a proposed ban on packer ownership of livestock could mean producer ownership of packing plants would also be banned.

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    Canada Gains New Access to the Turkish Market for Canadian Cattle

    June 27 - The Canadian cattle industry estimates that gaining access to Turkish markets will be worth $4.5 million per year, offering the potential of being a top export market for Canadian breeding cattle.

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    Cap on Proportion of TFW Program Employees in Workforce Remains at 20 Per Cent

    June 24 - The federal government is freezing the 20 per cent cap on the number of low-wage temporary foreign workers a company can hire.

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    Survey Says: Americans Are Now Spending More Eating Out Than on Groceries

    June 23 - The ACSI recently released its 2016 Restaurant Report which indicated for the first time ever, Americans are spending more eating out than on groceries.

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    What is Wrong With This Picture?
    a Canadian Meat Business exclusive

    June 22 - The Earls bomb that recently exploded in our industry and ignited a social media lynching was more than just a poorly planned promotional idea, but a slap in the beef industry's face that may have been a long time coming.

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    Health Canada Consulting on Irradiated Beef

    June 21 - Health Canada weighs in with industry groups who have sought irradiation for more than a decade as a way to prevent the spread of E. coli, salmonella and other dangerous bacteria, but the measure has run into negative public reaction.

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    Olymel to Invest $25 Million in the Lanaudiere Region Pork Infrastructure

    June 21 - The Olymel executive announced an investment of more than $25 million to expand its hog slaughterhouse and butchering facility at St-Esprit in the Lanaudiere region.

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